Busy vs. Building

More often than not, and especially during a global pandemic (apparently), a lot of us movers and shakers find ourselves straddling the fence between being busy and being productive. It can become very difficult to "know" which side you're really on, and although comparing yourself to your lazy friend can make you seem like the most productive bee in the hive that's not always the case.

The line between being the "busy bee" and being the "building bee" is extremely thin. Busy by definition literally means having a great deal to do, or being occupied. The word busy doesn't actually identify the nature or quality of what you're occupied by. A person kicking a wall may be just as active or "busy" as the person building it, yet one of the two is actually producing something. One of the two is progressing forward while the other is just exuding energy.

Whether or not what you're doing is furthering your vision is a simple sure fire way to tell if you're the busy bee or the building bee. Before delving into that new task or taking that job offer, spend just a few moments asking yourself the question "Is what I'm about to do actually going to move the needle forward? Is this job in alignment with my values and overall mission?" If the answer is no, well... you know what to do. But if the answer is yes, ask yourself "How so?" Take a moment to verify your own intentions and motives. This will save you invaluable amounts of time and energy down the road.

This not to be abused and used as a way to talk yourself out of taking action. Execution is our way as visionaries of honoring the dream. But no one wants look up after 5 years of effort, only to realize they've been running in place or worse, running full speed in the wrong direction.

Take the time, ask the important questions, and make sure you're not being the busy bee.

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