Bravery is Better.

A year like 2020 being a crippling year for some (well, probably most) of us is something that can be easily understood. Being an innovator and change agent during a year that grabbed the entire earth by its dreams, and rattled us all to the core was a shocking experience for me personally. I'm a planner by nature, a very cautious yet self-driven strategist; but in order for my plans and strategies to prove affective I need the variables of said strategy to take the turns I predict, as to reach my forecasted destination.

Needless to say, 2020 ruined my plans. I needed to accept that in order to create a path forward, I had to revise my dream. While we've all been flipping the very unique pages of our own story, some sad and some triumphant, one thing that remains the common denominator for us all is: if you still "plan" to get where you're going in life, bravery is necessary.

"Our minds are naturally wired to keep us safe, not to keep us successful" - this quote from Carl W. Phillips helped shape my movements throughout the year and get me back on solid ground, after the Pandemic swept across our cozy stable planet. In order for the well thought out movers and shakers such as myself to continue winning in a world where most have lost so much in the blink of an eye, we must go against our brain's genius design of keeping us safe and begin to strategically factor in a level of intentional bravery into our day to day.

While we're etching out our plans, leaving absolutely NO room for error, we mustn't stray away from the unsafe. It may yield the lions share of our reward and the key to putting us back on top of our game. Know yourself, know that your human nature's perfect design sometimes needs to be manipulated, and remember to "go anyway" next time that little voice in your mind tells you your beloved dreams and goals are too risky in today's climate.

Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous.


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