My upbringing and formal training has shaped me into the problem solver I am today. I've worked in several industries including banks, non-profit organizations, and even executive assisting serving as the "go-to guy" for a number of CEO's. All of these jobs had a few things in common but most importantly, there was always a need to build authentic connections with people on all levels in order to effectively problem solve. 

My skill-set covers a range of different areas, but I carry a deep passion for working with individuals and organizations needing a push forward in regards to Personal and Professional Excellence, Brand Development, and Leadership Coaching.

My formal education does come in handy, but I've been uniquely designed by my hands on experience. Having been consulting since 2013 I believe in practical solutions, making every decision with integrity, and always striving for measurable results. When you work with me, you should expect a partnership led by honesty and clear expectations.

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Certified through Eric Thomas & Associates as an Extreme Execution Coach. I specialize in the use of the DISC assessment to help tailor each session to my client's specific needs, whether I'm working with an individual or in a group setting.